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Major attraction – INGAPIRCHA Inca settlement

Azogues is the capital of the province of Cañar in Ecuador. The population of Azogues is 27,866.

The Ingapircha Inca settlement is a major attraction featuring several complete and part-complete buildings. The settlement is located along the old Inca trail that linked Cuzco in Peru with Quito.

Azogues is known for its Panama hat industry; the hats are produced primarily for export. The city is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Azogues. Azogues is the administrative capital of the province of Cañar and is located 31 km north of Cuenca.

On the hill of the city, is the church San Francisco de la Virgen de las Nubes. Below the church chickens and other small animals are sold. Off the main plaza, beside the church there is a small handicraft shop run by nuns who sell local embroidery, knitting, etc. Around the plaza the older buildings still preserve their beautiful traditional colonial painted ceilings and styles.

Biblián – Is situated between Cañar and Azogues with an attractive sanctuary built into the rocks above the village to La Virgen del Rocío. This is a small town with beautiful views of the river valley and its surroundings.

Cojitambo – Is another town one hour west of Azogues with rocky surrounding areas good for trekking and climbing.

Azogues Azogues -Azogues is the capital of Cañar Province, 29 kilometers separate it from Cuenca. In this city of colonial atmosphere, one of the highlights is San Francisco’s convent, built on the summit of a huaca (sacred mountain) of the pre-hispanic residents.

Cañar plantation -Their colouring market and the near ruins of Ingapirca (wall of Inca stone), are their biggest attractions.

Cañar plantation is located 65 kilometers from Cuenca and it is usually the starting point for the trips to the famous ruins that, according to the experts, were used to control the native Cañaris.

Stores, bathrooms, a tambo for the Inca, a temple dedicated to the sun, they are part of Ingapirca that was built in the XV century by orders of Huayna Capac.




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